What is halal chicken?

People nowadays are chasing after healthy food. When it comes to meat, people are constantly discussing about the meat’s quality. So, does halal meat really healthier than the conventional meat? Let’s find it out.

According to the Muslim Dietetics Nutrition, one of the member have mentioned that Halal food will never contain any alcohol and is totally pork-free.

“Halal animals” are not able to be treated with any medication such as antibiotics or even any growth hormones as it will contain ingredients that involved pork in it.

Some people trust that all these criteria will make healthier Halal food, and the fact is, it doesn’t necessary that Halal meat is healthier than conventional meat, according to professor of nutrition food science, Carol O’Neil.

But one thing for sure, the Halal practice are more humane, towards the animals.

So, do you know how Halal meat is prepared? First, it will be started with a short prayer which is a prerequisite for the Muslim before starting to do anything to the animal.

After starting the process of killing the animal, only one animal can be slaughtered at a time while the rest of the animals are not able to be a witness on the process of the animal got killed.

Since Halal is an assurance to the consumer, eventually the halal chicken supplier singapore market will expand to a bigger area and targeting more potential consumer all around the world. By expanding to bigger market, it also helps the business to growth in terms of awareness, profit and also boosting the reputation as well.

Since not only halal chicken supplier singapore market has grown but the global market of halal chicken has grown, there are also a great number of producers have shifted to factory farming as well. Therefore, there are also many undercover videos have been exposed as a mistreatment at certain Halal slaughterhouse.
Besides, having the food certification for the supplier will also be a good choice to get a Halal food certification as well for the food industry. There are a guaranteed assure to people who desire to purchase halal chicken that none of the product contain any “illegal” ingredients.
It is not necessary that the process of plants produce only Halal food and it also contain any Halal market, so it is not compulsory to have the Halal certification for the supplier.

The logistics of the Halal chicken process is the same for both Halal and non-Halal products and there is no involvement of any additional cost, approved plants may process a whole day’s birds observing the Halal requirements, while only some specific products are required to have that Halal certified and labelled on the product packaging.

If you ever consider of searching the Halal chicken online, the first must do thing is to check the Halal label. Make sure the brand is existing and well-known to ensure the meat is qualified. Always beware of fake product as the Halal label can also easily be “benchmarked” by the unauthorized company as well.


Yes, it might not be everyone’s priority tol focus on the “Halal” label, but by having the quality assurance of the product is “Halal”, it will give out a safer and healthier out to attract people to buy it. As it is a Halal meat, it is a guaranteed of Muslim consumer will purchase your product, as well as non-Muslim consumer as well, especially people that are health conscious or do not consume meat which is a vegetarian.

The appearance is what makes people consider to buy your meat or choosing another brand. Impression does matter, so does the Halal meat.

Let’s take an example, when you are launching a new product in the market, people might not have high confidence on purchasing your product, but if your product are having those certified and so called “professional” label on the product’s packaging, people will feel safer to purchase as it has shown many signs that the product are safe to consume.

In conclusion, halal chicken supplier Singapore must make sure that the meat is always fresh on the shelf, the packaging is not affecting the quality of the meat as well as the expiry date of the meat.

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